Tools Required For Baking

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If you want to bake a perfect cake then you got to know about the important tools required for baking. Read the whole article now!

Baking is a healthy cooking activity. Some people make it their hobby and after that they choose it as a career and earn a lot of money. Learning baking skill is not very difficult but it becomes intimidating when you don’t know anything to do. Nowadays, there are many cooking schools opened that teach how to bake different variety of foods. Practice is always required that makes you perfect in baking. Different baking tools and equipment is really needed for baking. It is essential to use the best tools available in order to become expert in this cooking technique.

Aside from oven, some other tools are also required for baking like measuring cups, mixers, bowls, pans, special type of knives, cooking sheets, wooden spoons and wax paper etc. These baking tools are used in measuring, decorating and placing baking ingredients in appropriate amount. Although, baking oven are known as the most important tools in making baked products. Other tools are also of equal importance. All these equipments are discussed in detail below;

Measuring Tools

KitchenArt Pro Adjust-A-Cup

Your baking needs exact amount of different ingredients in order to make it more delicious and healthy. If any of the ingredients is missing or it is put in less or increased amount, all your efforts will become useless and your entire product will be destroyed. There are three major types of measuring tools like measuring cups, measuring spoons and measuring scales.

Measuring cups are made of three different materials like metal, plastic or glass. Scale is provided on these cups and they can easily be used for measuring both solids and liquids. Nowadays, for solids and liquids, there are different cups and they are mostly made up of plastic and glass. Spouts for pouring are provided with cups that are used for measuring liquids. Metal cups are good for dry or solid ingredients. Similarly measuring spoons are used as a tool in baking. They are required to measure just a fraction of solid and liquid items. Measuring scales are traditional baking tools and they measure solid and liquid ingredients in pounds and ounces. Flour and sugar are the most commonly used ingredients that are measured with the help of these scales.

Rolling Pins

Fox Run Marble Rolling Pin and Base

Rolling pins are widely used to flatten, thinning and smoothen dough and batter. This can be done by rolling and pressing rolling pins over ingredients surface. These pins are a sharper tool that can be characterized with the help of their cylindrical solid hard shape. This tool is 2 to 3 inches in diameter and ten to eighteen inches in length.

Mixing Tools

Magic Bullet MBR-1701 17-Piece Express Mixing Set

Mixing tools are commonly used for mixing different ingredients together. One of the popular mixing tools is the mixing bowls. They come in a variety of materials such as stainless steel, copper, microwave safe and crockery bowls. Microwave bowls are mostly used for melting chocolates and butter while stainless steel bowls are commonly used for beating eggs. Crockery bowls remain warm for a long time and that is why they are considered ideal for baking bread. Similarly electric mixers are available in the market that has made the task of mixing different ingredients very easy. If an electrical mixer is not available you can make use of spatulas and other wooden spoons.

Baking Pans

Simply Calphalon Nonstick 6-Piece Bakeware Set - baking tools

After mixing different ingredients, batter and dough is placed in baking pans, so that it can be placed in oven for baking. There are some specialized pans available in the market that allows better heat management and provide different shapes for baking. These pans are mostly made of ceramics, metal, silicon and glass.

Baking Sheets

Rachael Ray Oven Lovin' Non-Stick Crispy Cookie Baking Sheet

Wax paper and cookie sheets are required to put butter on it before placing it inside an oven for baking. Wax paper is used so that, the butter doesn’t stick to pan. Similarly, special types of trays are used for baking purpose. For example for baking bread, different types of bread loaf trays are available that make your task very easy. Cutters are also used in baking in order to cut dough or butter in different designs and shapes. Common cutters are star shaped, heart shaped or Christmas tree shaped. Mostly, these cutters are used to bake children food items.


Panasonic NB-G110P Flash Xpress Toaster Oven

Ovens are the most important tools when it comes to baking. Besides baking they are widely used for other purposes like cooking, heating and drying. Basically, they are thermally sealed chambers and are of many types like earthen kiln. Gas oven, microwave oven, batch oven, ceramic furnace and masonry kiln. The most popular among all these types are microwave oven and gas oven. Baking is made very easy just because of these two appliances. Microwave works with the help of electricity while in gas oven natural gas is used. Dough is placed in them and after baking, delicious food comes in your hands.

All the above mentioned baking tools are essential for baking and it is recommended to use them in order to prepare delicious food for friends and family members.

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