Khaysha’s Special Pastillas

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Khaysha’s Special Pastillas is made of powdered milk and condensed milk that rich in calcium. This is the perfect dessert after lunch or dinner.

Special Pastillas

Khaysha’s Special Pastillas is made of powdered milk and condensed milk that rich in calcium. Fortified milk is rich in iron that is good for the kids. It prevents kids from becoming tired easily due to lack of iron. It requires for children for their healthy growth as well as their development.This is the perfect dessert after lunch or dinner. This kind of sweet dessert recipe makes everyone’s meal complete. In making of this recipe, it is just simple and easy to make that even a children knows how to make this one. This is the way to create a bond with your kids. To help them how to cook this one, let me share you the ingredients and procedures of this Khaysha’s Special Pastillas.

Pastillas (2)

Ingredients for Special Pastillas:

1 ½ cups powdered milk

½ cups condensed milk

¼ cup melted butter

White sugar

Japanese paper or water cellophane for wrapping


  1. Sift milk powder into the condensed milk
  2. Add the melted butter. Blend together and mix well.
  3. Before shaping into small balls, knead first for about 5 to 10 minutes and set aside.
  4. Roll it in the white sugar then wrap with the Japanese paper or water cellophane.

Now you know how to make this Khaysha’s special pastillas. Isn’t it easy, right? So don’t hesitate to try this at home to serve your peers and family.

For more tips about this recipe, you will serve this as a present for birthdays or any occasions. Even though this is simple but it tastes good and delicious. Its sweetness is came from your heart as the person looks at your present with matching a flowers or dedication on it or you can form this a letter that it appears their name. Being creative could help you to maximize even it is just a simple things. Just like me, I did it as a peace offering for my sister. I mold it a letters that it formed PEACE and I molded two hearts to melt her heart for me. It’s the sweetest way to express my apology. In additional, Instead of sugar, I rolled it into the sugar candy to make it colorful. And the other one, I dipped in the caramel because I know she loves it even it is too sweet. How sweet, isn’t it?

I know your family will love this as my family does. Till next time and enjoy the Khaysha’s Special Pastillas!

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